SEO Audits

SEO Audit Service

We perform periodic SEO audits for companies that have existing SEO arrangements. We are not an SEO agency, so we never take over the SEO role.

Reasons why you need an SEO audit

Think of an audit like a periodic medical check. While you might think that the website is working and delivering enquiries or sales, it might not be very efficient when it comes to search engines.

  • Keeping up with Google. It’s difficult to keep up with the constant changes to the Google Search algorithm and their guidelines for webmasters. Previously valid tactics suddenly became risky or outright suicidal. We look for such dangers and advise accordingly.
  • Missed opportunities. Larger websites are sometimes hard to re-arrange, say, by adding a blog (which adds freshness) or beneficial tagging of structured data. Images might be too large or not saved correctly. We find such instances and recommend ways to implement them.
  • Breakages. The usual kind of breakage is a broken link – both internal and external. If you have too many broken links or incorrectly coded links, it might affect your rankings. Other breakages are more technical, such as redirects (which can be done in more wrong ways than right). Often, a given page might have more than one URL, which creates a duplicate content issue.
  • Debris. Most active websites accumulate dead content over time. There is marginal merit in keeping old pages such as the invitation to an event five years ago, as “it won’t hurt” and people will click the Home button to find the latest information. On the other hand, such pages might have broken links to files that were deleted by someone along the way.

How does an SEO audit help?

There are many direct and indirect benefits of an SEO audit:

  • Customers. Customers would see your content in search engines and come to your site – that’s the purpose of SEO, but more to the point, they would not see outdated content or be frustrated by broken links. Often, navigation improvements are picked up and gets them to the desired content faster. Accessibility issues are also noted and they benefit not only customers, but they avoid accessibility lawsuits.
  • Server improvements. Often, the people in IT don’t involve Marketing before taking critical decisions. This can result in inefficiencies from a search engine’s viewpoint. We help to fix all such issues.
  • Internal SEO team. The audit may reveal training opportunities for them, or may confirm that they are competent. We are a training consultancy. They win either way.
  • Corporate politics. Yes, large companies are siloed and don’t always co-operate, so as to put the company first. Our audit reports don’t take sides and present recommendations, rather than assign blame.

How often should we do an SEO audit?

The complexity and dynamics of a website will help to determine how often it needs to be checked. For largeĀ  companies, two or three audits a year (of varying durations) will suffice.

Free SEO Audit

In all cases, we do a free, high-level audit to advise you the size of the problem (if any). Please fill out the contact form with your URL to arrange one.