Digital Strategy Consulting

Digital Strategy ConsultingThis is how we differ when we describe “digital strategy consulting”:

We examine your ecommerce goals and determine the best ways to achieve that targeted traffic. We study the competition and search patterns for your industry. We break it down into a comprehensive search marketing strategy (SEO, PPC/SEM, social media, reputation management) and then train your teams to deliver the results.

We differ from retail SEO agencies who work off-site — we work in-house, consulting with your teams as long as necessary on a part-time basis. Working in-house is the best way to understand the business.

We are experienced in working within large, complex technology environments and corporate silos. We have worked on existing sites and on new implementations. Our long-term client NAB more than doubled their Google search traffic in less than a year after following our recommendations. (Testimonial) When measured in late 2012, their traffic had tripled since the benchmark date. Currently we are helping a major telco.

Let us show you how we can do the same for you. Here is some detail:

Digital Audit

We are often engaged to review the work of in-house specialists or external agencies. We perform SEO, PPC/SEM and Social Media Audits and give you an actionable report that lists both the positives and negatives.

SEO Strategy Consulting

We can craft your search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy based on your company or division’s goals and constraints. These could be an absolute revenue figure or some other set of customer actions, such as trial downloads, sign-ups, and so on.

We will break down the goals into smaller chunks, such as discrete product lines and then conduct an SEO Audit to identify gaps and opportunities for strengthening pages that are not getting visits.

The resulting SEO strategy document could contain a mix of:

  • Workflow changes
  • New or revised content recommendations
  • Technical recommendations
  • Social engagement
  • Link-building

SEO and Information Architecture

An excellent time to engage us is when a website redesign is in the early planning stages but hasn’t been committed to written form. Too often we see designs that are visually attractive but are not friendly to search engines. This spells a potential loss of search engine traffic.

Information architecture (IA) is a crucial part of website design, but search friendliness is often overlooked when performing this step. We can help you design a site that is friendly both to the target audience and search engines.

Social Media Strategy

We don’t craft clever campaigns — that’s the job of digital agencies. We craft the big picture, where social media is an integral ingredient of your digital marketing strategy and interlinked to your SEO efforts. We look at missed tagging opportunities on your website – yes, social media plays an increasing amount of relevance to your search marketing efforts.

We can help you with crafting a social media policy and with governance. Not all social networking platforms suit certain industries, so we will exclude inappropriate platforms if necessary.

Check out our testimonials to see how we helped a major bank with their social media strategy.