Successful cleanup of an infected WordPress site

A friend of a friend runs a childcare centre, which has a website. For many weeks it was displaying an ominous warning in Firefox that it was an “Attack Site”. I heard about it last night and offered to take a look. I should have taken a screen shot because I can’t see such a […]


draggable menu

Drag and drop menu in WordPress doesn’t work

I was working on a new WordPress 3.8.1 website with a theme that I am familiar with. I was building the menu and it seemed to be working; then suddenly I could no longer drag the menu items to rearrange or indent them. I tried all three browsers – Firefox is my default, then I […]

Australia’s “Best 100″ business websites

It is useful to check from time to time which Australian business websites are considered by Google’s ranking algorithm to be the best. “Best” in this context means trust and authority. These sites have great content and quality backlinks. Well done! We can do it with a search for “www” and limiting it to […]


Recovering from a WordPress DDoS attack and multiple exploits

A few weeks ago, this website was hacked (actually, cracked), no thanks to the “Tim Thumb” plugin that came with the WordPress Orion theme that was customised by someone in India. The initial symptom was crashing of the site frequently, making me want to change the host. My host got me to upgrade with more […]

TrainSEM heading to Pubcon Las Vegas 2013

It’s almost October again which means it’s almost time for most of the TrainSEM team to fly over to the USA for Pubcon Las Vegas 2013. If you haven’t heard of Pubcon, it is one of the world’s best search marketing and social media optimisation conferences and it is held twice a year, typically once […]